7 Bell Yard, London

Eloquence Festival

by Global Competition Union

A UK based institution

Elevate Your Speaking Skills with Verse and Eloquence Festival (VEF)

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Verse and Eloquence Festival, a prestigious recitation competition dedicated to celebrating the captivating art of language.

As a London-based organization, we are a branch of the Global Competition Union (GCU) which is registered in England and Wales. Our primary focus is to promote and publish verse, while also embracing the power of eloquent speeches and storytelling.

Upcoming Speech Competition

Enrolment starts in May 2024 and ends on May 31

Categories: Storytelling, Speech, Poetry (Verse), Prose Reading, Bible Reading, News Reporting, Choral Speaking, and Shakespearean Monologue

A Video-Based Competition Welcoming Participants from All Backgrounds and Ages